Friday, November 28, 2008

EXAM practice 2

Imagine that you have just delivered your piece of paper with the exam in it. Try to answer this question using the comments option.

Write about the following topic:

Hardware and software: authoring (10 marks)

Rememeber the more students you do this the better you'll prepared you exams. Some of these questions could be asked them in the exam.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What's a MOO??

No... It is now a cow...;). It is an acronym which stands for "Multiuser Object Oriented". According to Levy (1997), "these learning environments may be place dependant, as with video-conferencing, for example, or place independent, as with IRC chat. They range from simulations which utilize the web of connections that make up the internet, to virtual worlds where students can roam around and interact with each other, and their virtual environment".

One of the most interesting MOO used for educational purposes in perhaps TappedIN. Once there, you could set up your own office to meet your students, book a conference room to hold a formative chat with colleagues, or even organize virtual parties. Have a look at its calendar of events!

In order to have a read some articles or visit more MOOs to know more about them, or go through the experiences told by other language teachers who have made use of them to teach languages...