Monday, November 10, 2008

Graham Davies and CALL

Having a look at your textbook in order to prepare the exams, I thought It could be a good idea to get in touch with some of the people mentioned in this book ... I met Graham Davies some time ago, and I asked him to take part in this blog.

He has been involved in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) since 1976. In 1982 he wrote one of the first introductory books on computers in language learning and teaching, which was followed by numerous other printed and software publications.

In 1989 he was conferred with the title of Professor of CALL. He retired from full-time teaching in 1993, but I continued to work as a Visiting Professor for Thames Valley University until 2001. I was the Founder President of EUROCALL, holding the post from 1993 to 2000:

He is currently a partner in Camsoft, a CALL software development and consultancy business, which was founded in 1982:

He has lectured and run ICT training courses for language teachers in 22 different countries and I sit on a number of national and international advisory boards and committees.

He has been actively involved in WorldCALL since its beginning in 1998. WorldCALL is a worldwide umbrella organisation that aims to assist countries that are currently underserved in the area of ICT and the teaching and learning of modern foreign languages:

He still have the status of Emeritus Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning and he does occasional external examining of MPhil and PhD students. He also keep himself busy by editing the ICT for Language Teachers website at:

He is currently investigating the possibilities of language learning and teaching in Second Life. I am the EUROCALL Executive Committee member who is responsible for maintaining EUROCALL's Headquarters in Second Life, which you can find at this SLURL:

Now, that you know more things about this so famous CALL expert, time for you to make some questions... As you could imagine he has achieved a never ending CV

I would like to ask him about his implication with "Storyboard"or any other project from that time. Also, I would like to ask him about the beginings of Eurocall. Tell us something about its origins.


Graham Davies said...

You asked about my involvemment with Storyboard. It's quite a long story, which I have written up as a Word DOC file here:

John Higgins programmed the first version of Storyboard. I reversioned it for the Commodore PET and the BBC micro. Wida Software published it as Storyboard, but John Higgins and I were also commissioned to rewrite it under a new name, CopyWrite, published by ESM. Copywrite was later incorporated into my Fun with Texts program, published by Camsoft.

See Section 8 of Module 1.4 at the ICT4LT site, headed "Text manipulation":

Graham Davies said...

You asked me about the the history of EUROCALL. It's all here in an article that I first wrote to celebrate the new millennium:

Graham Davies said...

Maria, I forgot to say "thank you" for the publicity and for your kind words. So:


María Jordano said...

You're welcome! Thank you to you for your kind collaboration!