Friday, December 26, 2008

Experts experiences...The role of the teacher (as author)

In this occasion, I would like to introduce one of the most experienced teachers in the role of CALL materials creators. I am sure that many of you will know of her existence, at least in the web... Her name is Isabel Pérez. She is from Granada and you can find most of her work in her very famous website:

As you may have read in the chapter 4 of your book, the possible teacher roles described by Herz (1987) comprise 4 different levels. Which level do you think Isabel has acquired after having a look at her materials?


Anonymous said...

I think Isabel has acquired the level 3 because I suppose that authoring systems for develop a website exists. Probably these systems copy and paste the HTML codes executing the author's commands. With reference to her wide range of materials, I suppose that it is not neccesary to have programming knowledge to develop it. Maybe I am wrong. The level 4 which Hertz referres to, could not belong to "informáticos"? Does really the teacher-programmer exists?

Aside from this, I think Isabel's site is the most useful ESL materials store I have never seen, and she is Spanish! I am not surprised that this site is famous. I save it in "my favourites". Congratulations!

Best regards,

María González

Laura said...

I agree with María González and I believe that Isabel Pérez is in level 3. Level 4 is, I think difficult to achieve, as we are all either "more teachers" or "more programmers", so it is hard to specialized in both.
I have already used Isabel's site to look for materials or ideas for my classes.
I also met her last november in Lugo and she is a really vital person, she's always trying to learn more and to help teachers.