Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Machine translation & CALL

As you could read from your textbook, machine translation (MT) has been linked to language learning and CALL in general from its beginnings. Nowadays, you could find multiple applications in the web, to elaborate dictionaries o even to produce software for grammar checking.

To know more about this, visit this article from the Wikipedia, read something more about its history, professional software and many other external links.

Try to visit any of the sites suggested here and leave us your own oppinion about the use of MT in language learning. Do you think it is actually effective? Is is worthwhile using a web-based translator to present your academic papers? Do you think that MT has evolved enough from the publication of your textbook?


María Jordano said...

Thanks Carlos for you opinion!

Carlos Blanquer said...

Hello, María. I was going over some subjects in preparation for the exam and I wanted to reread my comment but I cannot find it. Do you know what has happened?



María Jordano said...

Hi Carlos,

Yes, It is quite strange. The thing is that I received your comment in my mail, and that's why I replied you, but then, I couldn't see your comment in the blog. It's the first time it happends. Perharps you deleted it unconsciously.